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Established in August of 2010 and Incorporated in 2017, Love My Productions, LLC (LMP) is a Motion Picture and Television Production company. With experience in Experiential Marketing and creation of branded content. 

We provide boutique services to clients, creating an experiential impact on consumers, and vivid storytelling through filmed projects. Our Award-Winning productions include wholesome comedic shorts, family-friendly episodic content, and web series to entertain diverse audiences on a global scale. The Founder and CEO, Ms. Chai-Chang oversees majority of the projects from conception to completion.


We encourage local business owners, investors, film enthusiasts, talent, and crew to connect with us through our contact me page or on our social media platforms.  

Love My Productions is a diversified, culturally transformative entertainment and media enterprise. It produces uplifting content such as films, web series, and comedic television shows. We create iconic experiences and products to educate and promote subcultures.

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