President and CEO
Ashley "Asha" Chai-Chang
Born in Long Island, New York as the Jamaican/Cuban/Chinese/Jewish daughter to immigrant parents, Asha Chai-Chang is an Actuary by Trade turned Award-Winning Director/Writer with a non-visible disability. Miss Chai-Chang has been nominated and won numerous awards for her films that include, but are not limited to Emmy Nominations, Telly Awards,  Best Director,  Best Humor,  Best Ensemble, and Best Short Film.
She is a BIPOC Disabled Female Director with over 15+ years of industry experience and 7+ years of Directing Experience for both TV & Film. Committed to the mission of promoting authentic, diverse, inclusive media portrayals on TV. 
Her work

She has written and directed family-friendly and Award-Winning films like “Cruise Control”, “Spoiler Alert”, "All by Design," and “A.V.G”, which highlight female and BIPOC gamers and depict people of color as capable and intelligent, which have been officially recognized by DGA-sponsored and Oscar-qualifying film festivals like Pan African Film & Arts Festival and the NAACP. This relates to my aim of positively impacting people of different ages, orientations, religions, gender, ability, and subcultures with my films. Miss Chai-Chang is a Diversity in Film Advocate, a Slamdance programmer, and a founding member of UNSTOPPABLE sponsored by HULU, a film program that features films created by differently-abled filmmakers and/or featuring talent with disabilities. UNSTOPPABLE has garnered the attention of YouTube, Google, Amazon Studios, IndieWire, and ScreenDaily.

As CEO of her own diversified, culturally transformative production company, Love My Productions, LLC, Asha creates uplifting content with strong female characters and authentic representation in cast and crew to provide opportunities for BIPOC creatives and promote intersectionality and subcultures on screen. As a sought-out panelist and public speaker for Film Festivals, Universities, and Comic Conventions, she advocates for diversity, gender parity, and disability inclusion to amplify diverse and differently abled voices.

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